Jeanette Viviano

hand dyed fabric for quiltingJeanette Viviano has enjoyed sewing and art since she was a very young girl. She made her first quilt in 1978 and has taken many classes in quilting, design and art. A desire to work with a more diverse palette than found in commercially made fabric led Jeanette to the joy of hand dyeing.

Jeanette's passion has expanded to manipulating fabric and experimenting with new techniques using color, texture and a fun, creative process.

A native of Michigan, Jeanette has lived in West Linn, Oregon for over 20 years and works out of her home studio. She has 3 adult children and a teenaged son, who along with her husband Frank have become helpers "to dye for."

Please feel free to contact Jeanette for more information or to visit her studio.


Feature in The Quilter's Catalog, April 2008.


Feature in Quilter's Newsletter, May, 2007.


Feature in Sew News Magazine, April 2004.


Feature article in the Oregonian 10/29/2004


Reference and use of fabric on page 52 in the book, Pieced To Fit by Sheila Sinclair Snyder.

About the Fabric

Jeanette's Fabric To Dye For products are carefully hand crafted using only high quality, 100% cotton fabric from Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

All dyes used are Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes from Dharma Trading Co.

Fat quarters are approximately 18" x 22".

Fat eighths are approximately 18" x 11".

Yards are approximately 36" x 44".

Can be used with commercial quilt fabrics.

Both sides are of equal quality providing even greater choice and flexibility.

There are multiple values of color on each side, covering a dynamic range from light to dark.

Washing Instructions

Under normal use, my fabrics do not require pre-washing before you use them. All of my hand dyed fabric has been washed and rinsed 14 times. I prefer to wash my quilts in cool water, gentle cycle and using an extremely mild soap made for quilts. You may want to test a corner of the fabric before using and washing, since everyone’s water can affect the fabric differently.


You may hand wash or gently wash these fabrics. Do not scrub them harshly against each other. Line dry and press with a very hot iron. Can also be dry-cleaned.

Silk-Cotton Blends, Voiles and Velveteens

Wash in cool-to-warm water. Iron silks and voiles while still damp for best results. Line dry velveteens and iron with a thick towel on top of the fabric.

The Dyeing Process

Each individual fat quarter or yard is treated with different bathing and artistry techniques to produce stunning colors and innovative designs.

Unlike most commercial suppliers, my fabric is machine washed up to 12 times, machine rinsed multiple times, and machine dried.

Trimming and ironing make up the final phase of the process.

Digitally photographed at high resolution, each fat quarter is ensured precise color matching when displayed on the website. Not all computer displays show color the same way. You may have to adjust your display to see the accurate colors of the fabric.

Using Hand Dyed Fabric

Adds innovative design and vibrant color to quilts.

Provides additional texture and depth.

Blends or connects the colors and values of other fabrics in a project.

Excellent for both focal point and foreground on quilts.

Beautiful in applique and Baltimore Album quilts.

Exceptional for landscape, flowers, fruit, trees, water, rocks, leaves, sky and all nature.

Great for art quilts and stained glass quilts.

Ideal for wearable art designs.

Color Accuracy

Not all computer displays show color the same way. You may have to adjust your display to see the accurate colors of the fabric.

You can use these color accuracy charts to determine if you need to adjust your computer's display.

The saturated colors on the top chart should move from yellow to blue to gray for each column (top to bottom), and should progress from light to dark values for each row (left to right). If your computer display is properly adjusted you will see a gradual value change for each color that will progress uniformly from left to right.

Another great source of information on calibrating your computer monitor's display for color accuracy can be found at: this site. Adjustments to your computer display should be made according to the documentation provided.

Fabric Shipping Information

U.S. ORDERS:  A shipping charge of $5 - $6 will be added to most average sized orders (1st pound), increasing for larger orders. Shipping charges are based on the U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail classification, using your zip code and total product weight. Note that the USPS rounds up any fraction of a pound to the next whole pound.

Your shopping cart will display exact shipping charges, so when you proceed to checkout, you will know the exact total. Generally your order will be shipped within 1-3 business days via US Postal Service priority mail.

NON-U.S. ORDERS:  A shipping charge for non-U.S. orders will be calculated after you place your order and prior to shipment. You will be requested to pay for shipping separately before your product ships, based on the standard rates of the U.S. Postal Service.

Problems With Setting Your Shipping Method or With Checkout

Internet Explorer users:  If you are using Internet Explorer version 7, you may be experience some difficulty in entering your shipping preference or Zip Code which may also effect your ability to check out.

This is due to the way Internet Explorer handles something called scripted windows.

If your Internet Explorer browser is set up to reject scripted windows, you can temporarily override that by:

Payment, Security and Privacy

We accept your personal major credit card.

PayPal, an internet credit card processor, is the company we partner with to ensure your complete security and privacy. All payment transactions in the "checkout" process are handled by PayPal using a secured internet connection ( https:).

You do not need a PayPal account or a PayPal credit card, or have any affiliation with PayPal to use your personal credit card.

Your credit card information is never viewed, captured or used by Jeanette's Fabric To Dye For.

We will never share any personal information that you provide Jeanette's Fabric To Dye For, including email address.


Submitting Your Photos

Please feel free to send Jeanette photos of quilts (or other application) that you have made with Jeanette's fabric! With your permission, we will happily post your photos on our Photo Gallery page.

Send us a very high quality (resolution) jpeg file of your quilt as an email attachment to the address listed below. You may also want to send closeups of particular areas of the quilt. Also include any pertinent information that describes the quilt, including which fabric category was used. For reference, take a look at some of the examples below.

Click here to display the email address for sending photos to Jeanette.

Email Address

Our email address is:

Custom Requests

Place a custom request by filling out this form. Custom requests are generally priced at the same amount as fabric that is in inventory. For example, if you custom request an Ultra Sateen with specific colors it will cost $30.00 per yard, the same price used for Ultra Sateens in our website inventory.

The Custom Request form will be used to describe your general needs - a starting point for further discussion with Jeanette on the specifics. She will contact you upon receiving the custom request to discuss your requirements.

Once you have complete this form, it will be emailed to Jeanette. You will not be asked for a payment or any commitment by submitting a request.

All dyes used are Dharma Trading Co. Procion MX Dyes.


Jeanette was featured in the Oregonian on October 29, 2004. Writer Patricia Conover visited the Portland-area studio where Jeanette hand crafts each piece of fabric.

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