hand dyed fabric for quilting
hand dyed fabric for quilting
hand dyed fabric for quilting

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Below are photos from quilters that have used Jeanette's hand dyes. You can view each photo individually or use your arrow keys (left, right) to view the photos as a continuous slideshow. Click here to learn how to send us your photos.

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Jeanette Viviano
This fairy tale quilt displays many of my fabric dyeing techniques which are actually marked on the image. The spinning wheel is crackled and grayed out, retaining portions of the colors of the sky. The castle is made using crackle, and several different wrinkle-crinkle fabrics are used for the roses to show texture and multi-dimension. The castle door is metallic.
Fabrics featured: Crackle, wrinkle-crinkle, metallic, texture, multicolor and hand brush stroke

Jeanette Viviano
Fabric featured: Wrinkle-crinkle

Christina Viviano
My daughter took a bunch of hand dyes, cut them up and pieced this together. Note how the shadowing and subtle gradation change, along with the wrinkled hand dye, give it texture
Fabric featured: Wrinkle-Crinkle